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How JoyRun Works
JoyRun rewards you for doing food and grocery store Runs for your community.
Start a Run
8:15 AM: Mindy is grabbing her morning Half-Caf, extra pump, mocha cappuccino from her favorite coffee shop, Red Giant Coffee. She starts a Run, places her order, and gets ready to head out!
Notify Your Team
8:20 AM: Marcos & Ryan have been preparing for a 9:00 AM with a new client. They get a notification that Mindy is grabbing a coffee on her way to the office. Kenny, office coffee-connoisseur, gets one too.
Order with Coworkers
Needing that pre-meeting pick me up, Marcos & Ryan order on Mindy’s Run and Karen orders her ultra rare South Rwandan single-origin espresso.

Mindy sends the orders to Red Giant on her way!

Enjoy Together
8:45 AM: Mindy heads back to the conference room with everyone’s drinks. She drops them off, and gives Marcos &mpa; Ryan a fist bump and her classic “Break a leg,” and heads back to her desk to start her day!