Frequently Asked Questions

JoyRun, powered by Walmart, is the trusted way to get things you need. We have listed some common questions and answers that you may have.

About Us

This is the app for your lunch & coffee break, study sessions, or late-night munchies.

JoyRun allows you to order pickup and delivery from your favorite local restaurants and rewards you for coming back. The more you order the more you earn!

It’s simple! Hop on the app, choose one of your local restaurants, and order.


If you can’t find an answer in the FAQs below, we’re happy to help. See our support contact info here


How do I order?
We currently support both pickup and delivery, which makes ordering simple! Simply select the merchant you want to order from, choose your items, place your order, and follow the prompts to pick up or track your delivery!
What is a JoyRun delivery order?
A JoyRun delivery order is an order that you place directly with the merchant through the JoyRun app that is delivered directly to your address by one of our partnered Spark drivers.
What is a JoyRun pickup order?
A JoyRun pickup order is an order that you place directly with the merchant through the JoyRun app that you pick up yourself at the merchant's location.
There was an issue with my order. What do I do?
Oh no! We’re sorry to hear that. Please reach out to us at our support email joyrun-support@customercare.walmart.com or by phone (844) 651-1395 (6am - Midnight Central Time).
Why can’t I cancel an order myself?
You may cancel your order through the app at any time before the merchant has confirmed it.

If the merchant has confirmed the order you will need to call them to see if they can cancel it.

Merchants are often times fast at work preparing your order and once you’ve ordered, they expect to deliver! (No pun intended) We want to treat them fairly for taking care of you, so if they’ve started an order, we want to make sure that they have the final say on whether they can cancel it or if it’s already prepared for you!

Once your order is cancelled, you will be refunded automatically.

I want to make a change to my order, what do I do?
Call the restaurant and they will be able to edit your order. Note: If you are adding items like new entrees or sides, the store may ask you to place another order through the app.
When will my order be ready?
For pick up orders, the merchant will send the time that the order is expected to be ready for pick up.
For delivery orders, JoyRun will notify you of the expected delivery time once the order has been placed.
How do I update my account info?
Go to the menu sidebar and find your account settings, you can change your account phone number there.

If you want to add or remove your payment method:

  1. Go to the menu sidebar
  2. Tap “Payment”
  3. Swipe on the payment method you want to remove and tap “Delete”. To add, tap “Add Card” and provide the payment card details.

Where will I receive my receipt?
Your receipt will be emailed to the email address associated with your account.
I forgot my password, can you help me log in?
JoyRun does not issue or require usernames and passwords, instead we allow you to log in through Facebook, Gmail, Apple, or Phone # authentication. If you’re having issues logging in, you will need to handle it through your login method of choice.
Where should I report pricing or menu discrepancies?
Some restaurants will have different pricing on their third party ordering systems than what is reflected in-store. Other times restaurants will change their pricing year over year to keep up with inflation.

In either case if you think there is an issue, please send a picture of their menu and the correction that needs to be made to our menu to: joyrun-menus@walmart.com

Where can I ask a question about a particular menu item and/or its ingredients or allergens?
Please contact the restaurant directly with your question! They’ll know better than anyone. :)
Where is JoyRun available?
JoyRun is available in select areas in Columbia, Fayetteville, and San Antonio. Check back as we are continually expanding.
What is JoyRun Rewards?
JoyRun Rewards is how we reward users for ordering from local restaurants and sharing JoyRun with their friends. Users can earn reward points for every dollar spent, as well as for referring new users through their referral code. Reward points can be redeemed for exclusive deals and discounts from your favorite local restaurants.
What are Discovery Deals?
Discovery Deals are featured deals for new customers of select restaurants. Your feed of deals is personalized to you and subject to availability from local restaurants.

Contact Us

You can reach our support team at (844) 651-1395 (6am - Midnight Central Time) or by email (see below).
Are you a customer?
Send questions about your order, your account, or something else to joyrun-support@customercare.walmart.com
Are you a merchant partner?
Send questions about orders, your account, or something else to joyrun-merchants@customercare.walmart.com